Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today I...September 5th

Today I... sharing one of the shots I took of Downtown Toronto from Center Island, one of the Islands across from the city.

...slept in until 10:30 again, but I got to sleep pretty late last night after watching a movie and then being kept awake by my apartment door rattling against its frame because of the wind. I ended up getting up and putting my vacuum against it to solve the problem.

...was hoping to go out with a friend, but no one was free.

...ended up heading Downtown by myself and walking all the way from Guy metro, up and over the mountain and most of the way back home. I make a trek like that about 4-5 times a year, weather and time permitting and always have my camera in tow. I had it today and took some pictures, so I'll try and get some on here at some point this week. having a bit of a quiet evening and am planning on making it into bed early so I can read my book for a while. thinking about my Sweetheart a lot. His family is visiting for the long weekend and I'm hoping they're having a good time together.


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  2. The picture of Toronto is really shows what a pretty city it is! And, it also sounds like you had a lovely day, I'm glad!! Enjoy your week as well!