Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today I...June 12th

Today I... apologizing for skimping a bit on my posting this week, but I've been very busy and still am.

...worked for the 6th day straight.

...took a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I was working at École Polytechnique's graduation and was filled with memories from my Sweetheart's graduation last year. It was one of the happiest days we had together and by the end of the ceremony I was missing him something terrible!!!

...was supposed to go out for ice cream with my brother, but I ended up working a bit later than I was supposed to and then when I called him he didn't answer. I ended up going to dinner with some friends from work and he was miffed and I was disappointed to have to miss our attempted ice cream outing for the third time in a row. We'll have to try again when he gets back from his vacation.

...had a chance to drive my friend M's Mini Cooper! What a blast! Okay, so it was only around the parking lot and up the hill at the Oratory' but still!!! Minis are my dream cars, I would love to be able to get one one day :o)

...had a good time while out to dinner with my friends, we had a few good laughs. very tired and am heading to bed since I have a concert with my choir tomorrow.I'm hoping my voice will hold out, it's been through the wringer this week with five hours of tours, six hours of singing and a LOT of talking today. I woke up feeling like I had flames licking up my throat in the middle of last night and it took me until about noon to get my voice back to normal today, so please say a bit of a prayer for me to be okay to sing tomorrow.


  1. praying that your voice will hold out today. Dh would also love a mini, his friend has one.

    Enjoy your Sunday.


  2. Thanks for the prayers Gill, my voice held out great!

  3. You can do a tour arounmd London in a mini.