Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today I...June 15th

Today I...

...had a 'me' day. Well, kind of. It was a 'me' day meaning that I did things at my own pace. I slept in until about 10:00, got up nice and slowly, read my book and then went grocery shopping before heading into to Old Montreal

...went shopping for Fathers' Day gifts for my dad and Grandpa G at Bonsecours Market. I found my dad's gift there, but not my grandpa's so I was a bit discouraged.

...was hunting for a snack when I saw an interesting looking shop that might possibly had Grandpa G appropriate gifts and was very happy when I found that it did. Phew! My Grandpa G is the hardest person to buy for, so I always feel like a pro when I actually manage to find something for him! My dad ain't no piece of cake to buy for either, but I usually have an easier time finding stuff for him than I do for my Grandpa G.

...had some very yummy raspberry and vanilla ice cream from Le Bilboquet at their Old Montreal counter.

...spent about a half hour taking pictures before heading home, including the one at the beginning of this post. I took 38 pictures in all, so I guess I was snapping faster than I thought I was!

...spoke with my Sweetheart, we're going to try and make sure we get together when he's in town this weekend. I've been missing him quite a bit since I got back from his place three weeks ago. I think I'm getting more impatient for him to come the closer his move back to Montreal gets. We have between six and eight months left to go...

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  1. I love that photo. I give my dad money each year, as that's what he likes........I have bought him what I think were good presents in the past only to discover he never uses them.