Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today I...June 5th

Today I... sharing one of my photos of the U.S. Side of Niagara Falls with you. They're easier to get close-up pictures of on the American side. A shot like this from the Canadian side is impossible. We know, we tried, but we had to wipe our camera lenses every three minutes because of all the spray, it was crazy!!!

...had a fairly busy day. I walked to the pet supply store that carries the canned food I feed my lovely kitties and back which took me a good hour and a quarter, then I crashed and read my book for an hour, then I did my laundry, vacuumed and cleaned my bathroom and put clean sheets on my bed.

...did something rather silly. I had to use two machines to do my laundry, one for the clothes and the other for the towels and sheets. The heavy-duty machine I used for the towels and sheets has a soap dispenser, but the ones I use for my clothes don't, so I filled the machine for the clothes, selected the appropriate cycle and closed the lid to let it fill with water before putting the soap in. While I was waiting for the first machine to fill, I got the second machine filled, dumped the detergent in the dispenser and set it off. I then picked up my laundry basket and keys and off I went. See anything missing in this story? Yup, I forgot to put the detergent into the machine that was washing my clothes and actually didn't realise I had forgotten it until I was folding the laundry and putting it away. Oh well, the got a good rinse and that's enough for me. Nothing was stained and I didn't get super sweaty this week or anything, so I just gave myself a mental whack on the forehead and shrugged it off.


  1. that's funny, as you said your clothes wouldn't be dirty and probably did them good to have just a water wash.


  2. Yeah, it's a mental thing. You know, as long as they're not stained or anything just water will do if it has to. I would never intentionally not put the soap in though lol