Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today I...June 9th

Today I... sharing two pictures of a beautiful cafe in Niagara-on-the-Lake. My Sweetheart and I didn't eat there because it was packed and looked quite pricey, but I was way too taken by the scent of what I ended up having for dinner at the place across the street to care anyhow, I just wanted picture of it more than anything lol.

...had a hugely busy day at work. We were training the new summer tour guides today and some of our older guides too in order to refresh their memories. I was in charge of giving them their tour this afternoon and it ran for two hours! I wanted to give them as much information to work with as I could and they seemed to really appreciated it :o)

...hurried home from work because my brother and my aunt and uncle were coming over. My brother to hang out and my aunt and uncle to help me decorate my apartment. My brother left around 7:00 because he wanted to catch the hockey game and my aunt and uncle ended up leaving around 8:45. hoping to get a good night's sleep because I'm pretty darn tired and I'm working until Saturday this week. Phew!


  1. catching up with your blog at last. I don't remember that cafe at Niagara on the Lake. I prefer N-O-T-L than the regular Niagara Falls.


  2. I don't recognize this either, but i will look for it when I am there next Wed.

  3. Oh wait, yes I do recognize it!!
    I just need to look up more often!!