Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today I...June 29th

Today I...

...am sharing this picture of part of a very popular sculpture which is in front of the Banque Laurentienne and BNParibas building on McGill College Avenue here in Montreal with you.

...ended up not giving my tour at work because I started coughing and losing my voice. I handed it off to one of our new tour guides.

...was very happy when K, the new tour guide who gave my tour for me and who I trained a few weeks ago got a very good review from the tour organizer.

...found out during our canonization meeting that we've already sold so many tickets for Brother Andre's canonization celebratory mass on October 30th, that we would have sold out the Bell Center (it can seat 21 000 people) and then some. Good thing we're renting the Olympic stadium, eh?. If any of you would like to attend the mass, it's 5$ a ticket if you come and buy them either at the stadium or at the Oratory or 7$ if you get them online from admission.com or order them over the phone.

...told my Sweetheart that I'm thinking of changing my hairstyle and showed him some pictures of some styles I'm considering. he said he's looking forward to seeing what I end up having done. Oh dear...I told him to just wait and see if I worked up the guts to actually have anything done at all. My hair is pretty wavy, you see, especially when it gets humid out and I have lots of it too, so I never blow dry it or flat iron it because it takes forever (at least 45 minutes at the salon). I'm therefore very cautious about how I have it cut because I like dos that allow me to just wash it and let it dry on its own and even wash it and then go straight to bed and sleep on it and have it come out looking fine. That's just me, I'm a very no fuss and frills kind of girl, no makeup, no major accessorizing and lucky for me, it works out great in my case, or at least I think it does. No one seems to think I'm a 'Plain Jane' kind of girl or anything.

...got to speak with my Sweetheart for 25 minutes, yay! But oh dear, I'm going to have to wait a week and a half before speaking to him again now. Hmm...I'll have to be sure and keep a bit busier than usual to try keep my mind off of that.

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