Monday, June 21, 2010

Today I...June 21st

Today I... trying to recover from my busy weekend. Kinda hard trying to do that at the beginning of a work week lol

...was told, just after punching in and while I still had my headphones in, that there had been a problem over the weekend and that the bell ringer had given an earful to one of my tour guides over something totally ridiculous. I of course had no ability to control my frustration since I had just gotten in to work and my mood was sour and my patience minimal for a good hour afterward. There's nothing worse than being faced with a problem the second you walk in to work. I always obey the half-hour rule when I want to speak to a colleague about an issue. Give them a half hour to settle in for the day and then approach them. It's the only human way to do things I think, or at least the only way people should approach me if they want me to have a human reaction. Otherwise they cannot blame me if I ask them to please give me few minutes to get in the door before dealing with their issue.

...was so happy to have my long-time fellow tour guide 'L' back on board for the summer today. I now have a guaranteed lunch buddy four days a week, nothing like an hour of girl talk over lunch to brighten my day :o)

...went to an absolutely brilliant Arvo Pärt concert with one of my choir directors, my favorite out of our two directors this year. I was absolutely flattered that he invited me and loved getting to know him better.

...had to buy a bottle of natural bug spray to get rid of a bug infestation in one of my orchids. C told me that I should just toss my plant when I showed it to her, but I was not willing to do that since it was still so obviously alive and cost me nearly 70$!!! I cannot bear killing anything (aside from bugs of course) and get emotional even just having to toss a plant which is clearly deceased, no way was I going to toss one of my much doted upon orchids! going to try my hardest to be in bed by midnight, so I had better get along. You'll get a picture with tomorrow's post, I promise :o)

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