Friday, June 4, 2010

Today I...June 4th

Today I... sharing with you a picture of a lovely old cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina seen through an equally lovely wrought iron gate :o) finally feeling better after a rough week filled with stress at work and anxiety attacks. Moral of this story: wonky hormones, sore backs and stress most definitely do not mix... so happy that the summer season is upon us at work and that I will soon have a swarm of young tour guides to work with. This will be my first summer since the summer of 2002 where I will not be part of the Oratory's team of 'Summer guides'. I'm going to be the Summer tour guides 'Mommy' instead. I can deal with that :o) appointment to see my massage therapist at 11:00 A.M. on Sunday. I'm looking forward to having my back issue cleared up!

...was craving lemonade very, very badly at the end of the day, but for reasons unknown the blasted vending machine with the Brisk lemonade in it in our tourist pavilion kept spitting out my Loonies (Canadian 1$ coins, for anyone not familiar with Canadian currency lingo). I grumbled all the way down the hill and decided, while walking home, that I just couldn't do without the lemonade so I walked into the grocery store halfway home and bought a 2.5 liter jug of the stuff.

...loved hearing my Sweetheart laugh while I told him my lemonade and other stories tonight.

...loved laughing while he told me stories too :o)

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