Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today I...June 8th

Today I...

...am not posting a photo. I'm pretty tired and uploading takes a while and my computer has been particularly quirky tonight so I don't want to go through any frustration if it decides not to cooperate with me while uploading. Sorry...I'll try and get one up tomorrow though , I promise :o)

...had a half busy, half quiet day at work.

...made a hilarious for others and embarrassing for me blunder on the walkie-talkie. C called me on the radio and normally we answer 'Oui, à l'écoute' call it 'Yes, go ahead.' in English. Well, it was pretty early still, 9:15 and I had only been in for 45 minutes and was concentrated on my data entry, so instead of saying 'Oui, à l'écoute' I used our phone pick up line, 'Accueil et pèlerinages, bonjour!' (Visitor and pilgrim services, how may I help you?'). Oops...I promptly turned beet red even though no one who heard me could see me and it took C a few minutes to answer me back, so I know that she was laughing her head off at me. Oh well, everyone will have forgotten about it tomorrow and I'm just glad that my lunch buddies, the plumber, painter and carpenters don't share our channel because come lunch time I would not have heard the end of it. Let's put it this way: at the time I have lunch there are three women in the lunch room, meaning myself and tow others and eleven men. It's quite the tease-fest and it's thanks to them that I learned how to fight fair when I get teased!!!

...had my friend V over for dinner.

...spoke with my Sweetheart for a half hour. We hadn't spoken since Friday so it was lovely to hear his voice. I'll try and speak to him again tomorrow and if not, then on Thursday since he's leaving for Kananaskis for the weekend on Friday.

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