Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I...June 24th

Today I...

...had the day off as it's Quebec's provincial holiday, St-Jean-Baptiste.

...was dismayed that on top of nearly everything being closed, the weather was bad. My favorite ice cream parlor was open, but since my brother didn't want to go with me and I didn't feel like going for ice cream by myself, I didn't go.

...dozed for about an hour during the afternoon.

...watched a bit of TV.

...tried out my new vacuum, a little Dirt Devil canister vacuum that my Grandma G got me last weekend and I loved it. I used three of its attachments to vacuum the floor and all the other hard to reach places and it rolls like a dream and is half the weight my old hand-me-down Kenmore was. I hope it lasts 15 years like the Kenmore did!!! Then again, maybe in 15 years I'll have a robot to vacuum for me...

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  1. I forgot it was a holiday for you. Shame about the weather, but don't you find it's always the same, when its a holiday the weather is awful?