Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today I...August 10th

Today I...

...am having a pictureless post because I'm pretty tired tonight and didn't feel like hunting through my thousands of pictures to find the perfect one for this post.

...had a very busy day at work. C is on vacation for two weeks so I have to do her work and mine and that definitely keeps me busy!

...am getting more and more eager for Friday! I'm having my housewarming party that day so will be having a bunch of friends over and best of all, my Sweetheart will be coming too!

...was quite miffed when I got a call from the spa I go to to find out that my appointment, which I thought was tomorrow at 5:15 P.M. was actually today. I only ever go on Wednesdays or Thursdays or very occasionally on Fridays and no one called to confirm my appointment, so I didn't remember it was today. Grr!!! Now I have to wait until Friday next week to go, I was not amused!

...am happy that the weather has cooled off tonight and that the humidity is gone, it will make sleeping much more comfortable.

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