Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today I...August 15th

Today I... sharing this picture of a dog that my Sweetheart, a friend of his and I came across on a beach in Kelowna a few years back. feeling a bit better. I don't feel like a little ghost wandering around among the living today.

...was feeling more angry about the events of Friday evening and night than anything else.

...just want to talk to my Sweetheart to iron this whole thing out.

...think that my Sweetheart owes an apology, a big hug and some flowers. The flowers and big hug thing would be kind of hard though seeing as he leaves so darn far.

...went grocery shopping when I motivated myself to get out of my apartment.

...did a lot of lying down on my bed and thinking, I even had a short nap.

...was able to eat without my stomach getting upset for the first time since Friday night when I had dinner.

...found myself wondering why being in love has to be so crappy sometimes. It should feel nothing but nice and warm and fuzzy all the time. I count myself fortunate that it feels that way for me most of the time, but when it sucks, boy, does it suck. I think it's worth going through a few rough spots in exchange for all the good times though.


  1. oh dear me Karine, what a to do. Men can be so stupid at times. How much longer is he in Toronto? By the way, he could have flowers sent to your office or your home, so no excuses there!!

    Hope today is a better day for you,


  2. Thanks Gill, I'm feeling better this afternoon. I had a talk with my former boss who is a great buddy of mine and he gave me a masculine point of view on the whole situation, which was a nice change from the female point of view which was 'You should kill him! Ignore him for a month! Make him pay!!!'. My boss was more like 'Poor guy, he meant to make you happy by coming anyhow even though he had a problem. Yeah, he fouled it up by not warning you ahead of time that he couldn't stay, but he really did mean well. Poor you though, I can see why you were disappointed.' What a great guy, he really did help me out.

  3. P.S.: My Sweetheart is in Toronto until mid-march.