Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today I...August 22nd

Today I... sharing this sunny photo of Niagara Falls with you. It's been rainy and cool all day here today and it was so warm and sunny when I took this photo that it's warming me up just looking at it :o)

...went for a spa appointment and a small shopping spree.

...was most relieved when the sweater and sports pants that I bought ended up both being on sale. I got a 99$ sweater from Mexx on sale for 25$ taxes in and a 60$ pair of pants on sale for 50$ taxes in.

...spoke with my Sweetheart for about a half hour and we both agreed that we wanted to spend a quiet weekend together next weekend. I can't wait!!!

...ate the last of the chocolates that my Sweetheart left for me last week. We're gonna have to make more of those if we can, or maybe some of his chocolate mousse? Mmm...

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  1. Love your photos of the falls, it is beautiful this time of year. Hope the 2 of you have a fabulous weekend together.