Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today I...August 4th

Today I... sharing this picture from between the inner and outer domes of the Oratory with you. Every once in a while, employees are allowed the privilege of climbing up the 90 meters that separate the Basilica's floor from the observatory that sits on top of the outer dome. It's quite the climb, it takes a half-hour to get up there and let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart of those who are afraid of heights. I only have a very mild fear of heights and I do okay going up there, but coming down is a whole other ball game. In a few years, depending on how quickly the donations come in, we will be able to open this area to the public as well as the observatory. The view from up there is stunning, so it will be well worth the wait in line and the few dollars it will cost visitors to go up there.

...felt bad for C. She's going on vacation next week and wants to go home to Haiti for the duration, but she's waited too long to buy her ticket and there are very few affordable ones left, especially since she doesn't want to have to change planes and would have to take a bus to make it to the states to leave from there. I've been helping her look for a ticket since Monday and told her that at this point, her best bet would probably be to go to a travel agency, that way if she sees something she likes, she can buy it on the spot.

...had a nice 'girls' night out' with my friend V. We went to our favorite sushi joint in Monkland Village, Mikado.

...was disappointed, along with V, when we were told that the chocolate souffles we wanted for dessert were not available. We gave up on dessert and went home, I had pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that my Grandma G brought me on Monday to eat here anyhow :o)

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  1. the window is just stunning. One day I will make the trip up to Montreal....