Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today I...August 26th

Today I... counting down the hours until I get to hop on the train to Toronto to visit my Sweetheart. I'm down to 14 hours and 23 minutes as I write this sentence and approximately 19 hours and five minutes until I actually get to see him, as long as the train is on had darn well better be!!!

...left my place at 8:15 and punched in at work at 8:27. Yahoo, lucky me I got a bus right away and there was hardly any traffic, even though most of the schools started up again this morning! I could tell that school was back in again more on the way home though since my bus got stuck in traffic. I would have walked home as I usually do, but I was hoping to beat the rain I could see coming on my way out of work and make it to the pet supply store by taking the bus. That didn't work out, so I ended up going to buy my bag of cat food after dinner.

...had a crazy busy afternoon filled with an unexpected pilgrimage organizer coming in and wanting to book his pilgrimage for August 2011, an unexpected group coming in and wanting to say mass in one of our chapels, a phone that wouldn't stop ringing, schedules for tours in December to be made and data to be entered into our database. I got it all done by 4:30 on the nose and cleaned up my desk and felt like cartwheeling down the hill to the bus stop because I was so happy to be leaving...since it meant I was that much closer to going to Toronto to see my Sweetheart.

...still need to vacuum, have my shower, wash the dishes, feed my lovely ladies (my cats) and my fish and pack my suitcase before going to bed. Uh...bed before Midnight? sharing this link to a video of the King's College Boys' Choir singing Lux Arumque , another of the pieces I'm going to be singing at my Christmas Concert this year. The King's College Choir is one of my absolute favorites and they do a marvelous job of singing this piece, I hope you enjoy it :o) signing off for the weekend, I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday, but my choir practices are starting up on Monday, so I can't guarantee that I'll be posting that night. I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!

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