Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today I...August 14th

Today I...

...was feeling like complete and utter crap when I woke up...and not because of a hangover. trying to get over my disappointment over the way my party turned out last night.It started out quite well, I was being a good hostess, helping everyone get settled, setting out food. But then I got the impression that something was being planned, but I wasn't too sure what. Then I heard that one of my friends was talking about going to see the Perseid meteors up north somewhere, but we had to wait until my Sweetheart got to my place as well as one of my other friends, G, who was running late because she is a veterinarian and had an emergency at her clinic.

...was thrilled when my friend and my Sweetheart got to my place, only to be very upset when my Sweetheart told me that he couldn't stay because his sister was waiting for him at his condo, which she is renting while he's on contract in TO.

...was even less impressed when all my friends started getting up to head up North to see the meteor shower without asking me if that was what I wanted to do, seeing how this was supposed to be my housewarming party after all.

...lost it when my Sweetheart said he was going to head home as everyone was getting ready to leave. There I was at my own party watching my guests leave while trying to keep my Sweetheart over a bit longer because he had only gotten there about 20 minutes earlier. I was a hormone induced mess (hello, PMS, thank you for making a crappy situation even crappier).

...was thankful that one of my girlfriends, L, came into the living room where my Sweetheart was sitting with me, looking incredulous and handing me a glass of water to try to get me to calm down and explained to him exactly why his leaving so soon was so upsetting to me. She told him everything I wanted to but couldn't because I was such a mess.

...ended up getting in a car with G and my Sweetheart and two other friends and hauled up North even though I really didn't feel like it. I would have rather stayed home with my Sweetheart and talked things out with him, but I had never seen a shooting start before and he wanted me to so he called his sister and told her he would be late so he could go and therefore I would follow.

...was relieved when my carload of friends decided that they had had enough of hunting for the perfect spot to see the meteor shower from, stopped on the side of the country road we were on just long enough for me to see a shooting star and then called our second carload of friends which we had lost sight of to tell them that we had had it and were heading back to Montreal. to bed far too late after G my Sweetheart and I cleaned up my apartment and G left with my Sweetheart to drive him home.

...hardly slept because I was so upset.

...don't want you to think badly of my friends, they are wonderful 99.9% of the time and had no clue that they were doing anything to upset me last night.

...don't want you to think badly of my Sweetheart either. He didn't know he was doing anything wrong until I told him so and felt awful for getting me so upset. I hardly ever get upset at him so he was quite shocked by the whole thing. But guys will be guys. They wouldn't be guys if they didn't do something dumb to upset us every once in a while. Sorry fellas, but that's just a universal fact agreed upon by women. We love you anyhow though, don't worry. not having another party at my place for a very, very long time.

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