Monday, April 26, 2010

Today I... April 26th

Today I...

...started the day by finding an e-mail that a tour operator sent me at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday telling my that the tour group he was sending in this morning was going to include 66 people rather than 24 and that a second tour guide might be a good idea. No, you think??? I figured I would just go out there and do the tour on my own anyhow. Jeeze...I don't know what he imagined was going to happen. That I would be in the office on a Saturday to check my e-mails? Or on a Sunday? I just couldn't believe it. I have a hard time believing that anyone called him from that school on a Saturday to give him the info either, I think he must have just forgotten to do it on Friday or something, but seriously...Maybe call and keep calling until you get someone? Because we did have someone in the office on Saturday to mind the phones since D is away. But nope, he just sent an e-mail which I found at 8:45 A.M. when the tour was at 9:30 A.M. I was rather unimpressed as was C who worked yesterday and had a bit of a rough day and wasn't feeling up to doing a tour. She tried desperately to get a tour guide to come in, but no one was available at that hour so she had to do it. Luckily it went well for both of us and the group was very satisfied, but I did write to the tour operator and asked him to please give notice of any future changes on a weekday or else to make sure he gave the message to a person. Sending me an e-mail at the office on the weekend is akin to sending it a brick wall. There will be no reply, or at least not until Monday morning.

...had a day filled with data entry and phone calls after my tour.

...managed to get all my work done right on time.

...went to choir practice and enjoyed it, especially the part where one of my fellow sopranos said that the facial expression our director was trying to show us he wanted to see on our faces while we sang would make us ladies look like we had just had our behinds pinched unexpectedly and that she would bring us each a clothespin next week so we could better satisfy the director. I just about died laughing and it felt good :o)

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