Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today I...April 24th

Today I... sharing another picture from Thursday's lunch hour walk with you. This is the statue of Brother Andre that's standing near the Original Chapel. It's strange, sometimes I walk by and I find that he looks so serious, but here he looks like he's smiling. He must be enjoying the weather :o)

...went to the salon to have my haircut and was once again told 'You have so much hair, I took a lot off in that inch! You must feel, like 10 pounds lighter!'. Yeah, not far. Do you have a scale I can climb on? The hairdresser actually asked if I'd like to share some of my hair with her because I have so much of it. she said 'You could definitely stand to lose some!' Uh, no thanks. I like my hair right where it is. Help yourself to anything that's on the floor though! My hair is actually one of the things I really love about myself and I have absolutely no qualms about spending a fortune on high quality shampoo. If you're looking for some really good stuff, look up the nearest Aveda Spa in your area and buy their products, you will not be sorry! They also have amazing body product. I was a gymnast for 11 years and a coach for two and spent all that time spinning around on beams and the floor and flipping around bars in my bare feet. What that did to my poor feet...well, I'm pretty sure you can imagine, especially when I threw a few years of ballet on top of that, plus all the time I spend walking around at work. I was ashamed of my feet and wouldn't dare show my soles to anyone, not even my Sweetheart. The Aveda foot lotion has done wonders for me in just one week, my feet are SO soft now, it's incredible. I know I sound like an infomercial, but it's true, I can't help it. The have hand lotion too and that just might be my next buy once my tube of Aveeno lotion is done :o)

...packed two boxes and cleaned out my crawl space and night table. The only things I have left to go through are the top drawer of my bedroom dresser and my closet and I'll do that tomorrow and then I'll be done. Hopefully I won't run out of boxes, but if I do it won't be by much and I'll just pile the rest into people's cars next Friday and Saturday when I move. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

...spoke to my Sweetheart and then heard from him again by e-mail. We're planning our weekend together next month, we're going to go to the opera on the Saturday and then head up to Niagara-on-The-Lake and Niagara Falls on the Sunday and Monday before I take the train home. Ah, what a lovely week off I'm going to have. South Carolina and Toronto, here I come!!! I just have to move first :o)

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