Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today I...April 18th

Today I...

...was most dismayed when my hopes that the weather would change overnight were dashed upon waking up and finding the sky still cloudy and rain still falling on and off.

...washed my dishes.

...packed that box I didn't get around to packing last night.

...decided to take advantage of a break between rain shower to go for a walk and take some photos of some of the spring flowers that are blooming in my neighborhood. caught in a rain shower during my walk and ducked into a cafe for a cupcake and some orange juice to give Mother Nature a chance to stop raining on my parade.

...walked back home and got ready to go to my uncle's birthday dinner.

...had a good time learning to play the djembe drum after dinner. My uncle is quite the talented musician and has all sorts of instruments from a mandolin, to several auto-harps, to a couple of guitars and harmonicas and a few Irish drums and now a djembe drum. He likes to teach me how to play his drums since I can pick up pretty much any beat in no time flat and I'm always more than happy to learn :o)

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  1. super spring flowers, still waiting for mine to flower, maybe in another week or two....

    Hope you remembered to wear your rain boots in all that rain!