Monday, April 5, 2010

Today I...April 5th

Today I... sharing pictures of some of the yummy sweets we had for Easter yesterday, thanks to my dad. He brought a yummy cake for us to have to dessert at my grandparents' place and Easter eggs filled with chocolates for everyone to bring home after. Thanks dad!

...slept in until 10:45. I didn't have a very restful night last night because I had some the aforementioned yummy cake a bit too late and the sugar and chocolate buzz caused some pretty interesting dreams.

...had a quiet morning and early afternoon. to speak to my friend in Switzerland for a half hour.

...packed two more boxes while watching two episodes of 'The X-Files'

...planned a potential museum outing with my friend 'G' for this weekend and gave her a few apartment hunting pointers. planning on watching 'Angels and Demons' after dinner. I rented yesterday on the way back from Mass and am dying to watch it!

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