Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today I...April 27th

Today I...

...didn't have any tours to give at work for the first time in ages.

...was discouraged when it snowed all.day.long!!! The folks on Météo Média, Quebec's french version of The Weather Network had said it was going to be a mix of rain and snow with mostly rain, but boy, were they wrong.

...regretted wearing shoes to work, until C offered to drive me home. Since she offered to do that, I cleared off her car for her.

...was miffed when I got mud on my white gloves from my recycling bin which the recycling pick-up fella kindly tossed on the we, snow-covered and hence muddy lawn. I took off my gloves and picked the bin up with my hands which were frozen by the time I tossed the bin into the garage after nearly tripping over my landlord's car, which he parked in the garage. What a wuss, no one else on the street bothered to do it. I actually think no one else wants to park in their garage because that would be admitting that it actually snowed today, which would be wrong. We were all walking around in t-shirts just last night, so it can't possibly have snowed all day today.

...was hoping to talk to my Sweetheart, but he must have gotten home from the steel mill late because he only popped on and off of Skype for two minutes just before 10:00, I didn't even have time to call him before he disappeared. My odds of talking to him this week are pretty low I think, it's his last week at the mill and he's going to have to work like crazy (meaning late) to try and get all his work done before he goes back to his regular job. I'll try and connect earlier tomorrow though, maybe I'll get lucky.

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