Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today I...April 14th

Today I...

...opened my e-bill for my cable,Internet and phone (all one provider) and was scandalized to see that I had been billed for 105.03$ instead of my usual 84$ and small change.

...spent nearly an hour on the phone with my service provider's customer service department to iron out how an overall 2$ increase in the billing amount for my services that I had been advised was coming turned into a 21$ increase. She said it did after taxes and yada, yada, yada, so I told her that was unacceptable and that we would have cut some things off my package, like my four specialty channels because there was no way I was paying 105$ a month for cable, Internet and phone. I ended up axing the four channels and deciding to get a digital cable connection. My bill will now come up to 98$ a month, except for the first month when I'm going to have to pay 99$ for the cable box, 35$ for the technician for my move and 98$ for my services. Oh, for a second, I nearly gave up the whole cable and phone thing to go back to rabbit ears and just my cell phone and Skype.

...was stunned when I saw one the large, five foot tall statues of Brother Andre from our gift shop being wheeled out by one of the employees on a dolly to someones mini-van. It was the first time ever I saw one of them be sold, the things cost about 10 000$ after taxes!

...went to buy sheet music for my choir and browse at Archambault after work, but not for very long as I was bloody starving and actually ended up buying a vanilla rice-crispy square in the subway station because I just couldn't take it anymore. Oh, and a lottery ticket. Yeah, I had to get one of those because I needed to purchase a minimum amount in order to be able to use my debit card and then there was a 25 cent fee for using it. The shop attendant asked me if that was okay and I told him I was too hungry to care. That was probably the most expensive rice crispy square I ever bought, for its size at least.

...spoke with my Sweetheart and he was sounding much better tonight, he had been feeling down for a little while so it was nice to hear him be back to his cheerful self, making me giggle and all.

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