Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today I...April 11th

Today I... tired because I really didn't sleep well last night.

...have a sore hand. I let Magique under the covers with me so she would curl up beside me and purr away while I petted her to help me get to sleep, which she did. I, however, proceeded to have a rather nutty dream which caused me to turn over in bed violently and knee her, the poor sweetie. She flipped out because she was sound asleep and darted out of the bed, scratching me with her back claws on my left thigh in two places and along the top of my left hand from the middle of my index finger and nearly to my wrist. Yeah, ouch, she may never want to come under the covers with me again :ox

...went to a spa appointment in the West Island, then went to visit my mom. now going to try and pack two boxes before going to bed. Hopefully I'll have a better night than last night.

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