Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today I...April 7th

Today I...

...had a much better day than yesterday.

...was very busy at work. The phone wouldn't stop ringing, I was mildly stressed out because I had to give the first of a series of tours to a group of children from underprivileged neighborhoods of Montreal. I realized that I had forgotten to confirm the tour with the bell ringer who was supposed to ring the Oratory's Carillon for the kids under three hours before the first tour. It's not entirely my fault as this was something that my boss used to do. She took care of all the logistics and all I had to do was give the tours, but this year I had to do everything for this myself. I remembered to confirm with the organist, contact his substitute for the days he couldn't be there, count out the 450+ cardboard cutouts and went to the organizational meeting, but then in the madness of the Feast of St-Joseph, planning my move and my topsy-turvy Easter schedule (just keeping track of that was a job), I dropped the ball for the bell-ringer. Luckily she's a lot like me, very patient and very understanding, so she didn't take it personally or get upset, God bless her.

...ended up have a 45 minute question and answer session with the 46 children in the group when we got to the Basilica because we were so ahead of schedule. And believe me, 10-11 year-olds have lots and lots and lots of questions, especially when they aren't Christian (as was the case with about half my group) and know nothing about Christianity. Here's a sample of some of the questions I got:

'Who's the guy up on the cross?' 'Who killed him?' 'Why did they put him on the cross?' 'Why do Christians kneel during prayer?' 'Why is Jesus so popular?' 'How did the guy who sculpted Jesus know who he died and what he looked like?' 'Why does it say that St-Joseph is the husband of Mary and guardian of the son of God?' and it went on and on and on...And yes, I managed to answer all of the questions quite eloquently and without sounding like I was trying to convert anyone. Surprisingly, the question I found hardest to answer was 'Why don't Catholic priests get married?' I looked around to make sure so priests were wandering around before answering that one because that was the one moment that I wished like heck there was one around to answer the question for me!

Today I... on a school bus for the first time since High School when I had to direct the driver of the bus that had come to pick up my very curious tour group to the appropriate parking lot. She ended up going one level too high and I had to jog up the hill to help her back down. From where she was, there was no way she would have found the right turn-off on her own. It was fun being back in a school bus though, it made me feel kinda nostalgic!

...walked home after missing the bus on the way out of work. I could have waited for the next bus and I normally do since they come at least every five minutes at rush hour, but I felt like walking and needed to go to the bank anyhow, so off I went! I got home late, but the walk did me good :o) impatiently waiting for CSI New York to start, because I'm pretty sure we're entitled to a new episode tonight! After three weeks of reruns, it'll be nice to see a new storyline!

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