Friday, May 14, 2010

Since Tuesday I...

Since Tuesday I...

...haven't posted and haven't commented on anyone's blogs. I'm sorry, but I've been very busy and very tired.

...went to watch the Canadiens boot the Penguins out of the playoffs on the jumbotron at the Bell Center and it ROCKED. Will the next team in line for elimination on our behalf please step up?

...loved watching the amused faces of the tourists who came out to take pictures of all us hockey fans taking over the streets chanting and cheering after the game.

...was dismayed when I got up on Wednesday morning and found out that a handful of troublemakers made it into the crowd on Ste-Catherine street in order to break into and loot stores once most of the hockey fans had left. Please note that there were 30 000 people celebrating on Ste-Catherine street on Wednesday night and only about 500 of the caused trouble. Canadiens fans as a general rule are very devoted and we love to give praise where praise is due, but the true fans are not the ones who cause trouble and this can be seen by the fact that most of the people who broke into the stores were not even wearing Habs jersey. It disgusts me to no end when people commit this kind of act since it penalizes the rest of us and gives us a bad name.

...gave a tour yesterday morning and then went to a meeting. They always serve us lunch at these bi-annual staff meetings and the food was very good yesterday, but something must have been wrong with something I ate, I'm suspecting it was the apple salad, because I had bowel issues today if you know what I mean...I feel like my gut has been put through a blender. Anyhow, I'm hoping this really is just something I ate and not a bug creeping up on me, because I have to get on a plane to my grandparents' place tomorrow. I'm feeling better now, so I think I should be perfectly fine by tomorrow morning, especially since my appetite is fine.

...stayed home from work today, naturally. I got to sleep in a bit and it helped because I have been incredibly tired all week. I never really recovered from my move.

...washed my two sets of sheets and put my nice, new blue ones on my bed. going to and find something to eat that I hope will not harm my delicate digestive system :ox

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