Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today I...May 29th

Today I... sharing another photo that I took last weekend of Niagara Falls at night with you. This is one of my favorites out of all the ones I took :o)

...went to help my friend G take measurements of the apartment she's moving into with her boyfriend in July. I don't think I'd ever seen a place with so much clutter, no wonder the people living there now are moving into a bigger place. missing my Sweetheart like crazy. A week ago I was with him, but it already seems so far...he's in town for the weekend, but he father was coming home from a nearly two month stay in Poland, so he warned me that his family would probably take up all of his time except for his appointment with his banker. I understand though, they haven't all been together since at least March if not February and I got him all to myself (almost, we did have a visit from one of his friends) for three and a half days last week. I can share...but I'm not always good at it :oJ I keep hoping that my cell phone will ring and that it will be him asking if he can stop by. Best remedy for this: I must keep busy, so clean my fish tank tonight I shall!

...finished Eclipse, the third book in the 'Twilight' series. I wanted to get out to buy Breaking Dawn tonight, but it turns out that the bookstore closes at 10:00 P.M. and not 11:00 like I thought it did. So yes, clean the fish tank I shall and then I guess I'll watch a movie and tomorrow I'll hop across to the street to the little neighborhood bookstore and buy Breaking Dawn there :o)


  1. Its ages sine I have been to Niagara, I prefer Niagara on the Lake better.

    I hope your other half finds time to pop by....


  2. Oh I want to go and see these falls they're very impressive