Tuesday, May 25, 2010

While on vacation I...

While on vacation I...

...had a wonderful stay at my grandparents' place in Aiken, South Carolina. I swam in their pool and spent a lot of time rocking in their hammock, while reading my book, listening to the hundreds of birds that nest around their house chirp away and looking up at the sky.

...headed off to visit my Sweetheart in Toronto after spending six days relaxing at my grandparents' place.

...went to the opera with my Sweetheart.

...rented a car with my Sweetheart and went on a road trip with him to Niagara-on-The-Lake and Niagara Falls. It was my second time seeing the falls during the day...

...and my first time seeing them at night :o)

Consider this my official return to the blogging sphere. I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures. I missed out on a lot of things on everyone's blogs while I was away and I'm sorry, but I really needed to disconnect as much as possible, so I blogged when I had the time and the itch to do so. I'll be back on my regular schedule now though, no worries :o)

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  1. Great holiday snaps, looks like you have had a wonderful vacation, are'nt the falls a sight to see.