Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today I...May 9th

Today I...

...had a very busy day.

...was indifferent to the snow that fell. It was just a few flakes. Yes, it was cold and not very nice out, but since I didn't have to be outside too much, I didn't really care.

...went to lunch with my mom and my brother to celebrate Mothers' Day and had delicious potato soup and grilled vegetable sandwich.

...went to the spa.

...went to the mall and bought new inserts for my shoes, was told at the phone store that I would have to go to the Dollar Store for a phone wire, bought a dish rack, a lovely set of sheets and a stainless steel water bottle and finally, a new scoop for the litter box as the handle on the one I had cracked. Those things don't have much of a lifespan.

...went to dinner at my aunt and uncle's for their 29th wedding anniversary and Mothers' Day for my grandma. we had a wonderful time and I ate a bit too much. I had a good bit of wine too, but didn't feel it too much since I spent the afternoon and evening drinking water as well. quite tired because yes, it was quite a day! A very nice one though. I am now going to have a nice, warm shower (too tired to soak in the bath) and then go to bed to continue devouring Twilight before going to sleep.

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