Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today I...May 6th

Today I...

...woke up at 6:30 and never quite made it back to sleep.

...had fewer on-and-off headaches than any other day this week.

...gave two tours, both of them to girls' schools.

...was too tired to have been giving two tours and my voice let me know it.

...was happy when I remembered that since I'm finishing a half-hour later tomorrow, I get to start a half-hour later, which means that I get to sleep a half-hour later. Excellent trade-off, wouldn't you say?

...spoke to my Sweetheart for a half-hour and let him vent his frustration over the new marketing specialist they're working with. He was venting in a very humorous way, so he made me laugh which made him smile and he thanked me for letting him vent. I'll be happy to let him vent any time he wants if he's always going to do it like he did tonight, which he usually does :o)

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