Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today I...May 5th

Today I... sharing another photo of St-Viateur church with you. I'll quit teasing you tomorrow and show you the whole thing :o)

...had trouble getting up again and had a mild headache almost all day. I really need my vacation.

...gave a tour to a great group of grade 12 religion students from Ontario.

...went shopping with D for new uniform shirts for the summer. We get to wear what we want all year, but in the summer we and all the summer guides wear uniform shirts. Normally they're blue and white striped shirts, but I kept nudging D and convinced him that after over eight years of service, the shirts were more than due for replacement by polo t-shirts that we would all be more comfy and feel better about ourselves in. The shirts looked awful on most of us and we were loathe to be seen in them outside of work, especially the women among us.

...went out to buy a book after work...and left Indigo with three. Thank heavens I had a 50$ gift card from Christmas!

...was happy to see a new episode of CSI NY!!!

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