Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today I...May 30th

Today I... sharing two pictures of Charleston, South Carolina's, Catholic Cathedral, St-John-the-Baptist. feeling better than yesterday. I'm still a bit sad, but a good night's sleep and more stable hormones (sometimes I feel better during PMS than right at the end of my period) are helping, along with keeping busy.

...went shopping!!! I bought myself a pair of flip flops to serve as my summer slippers, 'Breaking Dawn', the final book of the Twilight series, a new purse from my favorite handbag designer Jak's. I also stopped by Juliette et Chocolat for a take-home snack of a brownie and a raspberry and peach smoothie. my groceries. I don't normally do that on the weekend, but I was totally out of both breakfast and lunch food, so it was a must.

...tore through the first...gosh, I think three chapters? of Breaking Dawn. I'm going to try and head to bed early to avoid reading way too late.

...hid away my remaining empty moving boxes. It feels good to have them out of the way!

...did a single load of laundry and am now waiting for it to finish drying.

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  1. That looks like a beautiful church. Do you have more vacation photos to share, as I would love to see them.