Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today I...May 4th

Today I...

...am sharing a closeup photo of one of the porticos of Outremont's beautiful Église St-Viateur with you. You'll get to see more of it tomorrow and in my Skywatch Friday post :o)

...am feeling better, but still get queasy and head achy if I move too much, cough too much or, as I discovered while speaking to my Sweetheart earlier, laugh too much. Concussed I am indeed, but at least today I managed to stay awake without a fight.

...was happy to have D back at work after his week off!

...was very thankful that thunderstorm cells that built up around Montreal this afternoon stayed away so I could do my grocery shopping.

...found it adorable yet again that Magique is so fascinated every time I fill my bathtub with water.

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  1. dd cat spends most of her days sat in the bath tub (minus water of course) So don't be surprised to find her sitting in there one day.