Monday, May 3, 2010

Today I...May 3rd

Today I...

...had a heck of a hard time getting up when the alarm went off.

...was very tired all day.

...found myself wishing I could have taken the day off, but the best solution I found to try and prevent myself from getting more tired was to skip choir practice tonight. working myself into a new routine to go with my new apartment. I'll have the hang of it by next week. wondering if I might be suffering from a mild concussion after whacking my head last night. It still hurts and it shouldn't be by now.

...closed the window pane in the kitchen before putting down the bowl of cat food and reopened it after standing back up. sharing this picture I took yesterday of a magnolia in front of a fancy red brick house in Outremont, another one of Montreal's high-class neighborhoods, with you. Don't you love the look of the tree in front of that window?

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  1. that photo is lovely as I bet the rest of the house is.....