Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today I...May 26th

Today I... sharing a picture of an old cemetery in Charleston with you. I love old cemeteries so was absolutely charmed when I saw this one. I was disappointed when I couldn't get inside it though, the gates were all locked, so I took all my pictures of it through the fence and gates.

...had a very quiet day at work.

...went for a walk on my lunch hour, despite the sweltering heat. Try 34 degrees Celsius that felt like 40 with the humidity thrown in. But yeah, I was in South Carolina less than a week ago and walked around taking pictures for a few hours in similar conditions, so a 20 minute walk was nothing, even though it was all uphill :o)

...went to run a few errands after work. Hauling a bag a cat food home in the sweltering heat? Yeah, that was a bit harder lol looking forward to watching CSI New York tonight! It's the season finale, so the last new episode until the Fall, but there are still a few episodes in this season that I missed I think, so I should be able to get a treat now and then when I watch the reruns this summer.

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