Friday, May 7, 2010

Today I...May 7th

Today I...

...had a busy day overall and it's still going.

...was woken up at 4:15 in the morning by the couple upstairs coming home (probably from a bar), slamming their front door and getting into a very loud argument that lasted for about a half hour. That's the second time this happens this week, I'm contemplating slipping a Dr.Phil DVD under their door.

...recruited the last tour guide for next week's tours and printed out and distributed the schedules.

...gave an end of the day tour to a group from a Christian school from Ontario who then had their choir practice in the Basilica.

...was in a hurry after getting home because it was a bit later than usual and I had to make it out to an appointment for 7:00.

...was hoping to get all my laundry done tonight, but when I got down to the laundry room, another girl was already there and was using two of the three machines, so I had to use the 2$ heavy-duty one. There was no way I was risking having to wait all day to be able to get even one load done tomorrow. Ever try having to do your laundry in an apartment building with shared machines on a weekend? Yeah, not happening. I'll keep an eye on the machines tomorrow though and hopefully I'll be able to get my load of delicates in with my towels. For now, I'm waiting for my timer to tell me tonight's load is done in the dryer.


  1. oh the joys of living in an apartment building!!! Are you liking it better than the basement apartment though?


  2. Oh yea, definitely WAY better than the basement apartment. The basement apartment isn't even worthy of the title apartment compared to this place :o)