Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today I...November 17th

Today I...

...had a quiet day compared to yesterday, although I did have a meeting this morning in which I, along with everyone else in my department, was informed by our boss that she was being forced into being ridiculously strict about our punctuality. This means that if I am even three minutes late for work I can't take the three minutes back at the end of the day, I lose three minutes of pay and that's it. Also, if we have to leave an hour earlier at the end of the day for an appointment, we can't take the hour back by starting earlier or finishing later the next day. I'd like to know who picked on her about being humane in managing our hours so he can get a lump of coal for Christmas and nothing else for the next decade or so!

...listened to Christmas music at work to lighten the mood after our cheerful meeting.

...was happy to see my younger brother at the end of the day when he came to help me fetch cat litter. It was very nice of him indeed to take time out of his evening to come and cart 30 kgs of litter around for me :o)

...am making myself comfort food for dinner: homemade macaroni and cheese!!! Yum :o)

...really started counting down the days until I see my Sweetheart next week: 7 and counting!

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