Friday, November 13, 2009

Today I...November 13th

Today I...

...was quite busy at work, things are starting to pick up for the Christmas season!

...saw Christmas lights being strung at the high school across the street from the Oratory.

...saw lit Christmas lights for the second time this week.

...thought about buying a Christmas Wreath for my front door.

...realized that I am really looking forward to Christmas for the first time in years and hope that I don't get sick at Christmas so it's spoiled. This wish stems from the fact that in the past four years I have had the flu over the holidays twice, one year on, one year off. This year would be an on year. Stay away Flu, stay away!!!

...still had a very stiff back upon waking up, but am still progressively getting better :o)

...bought soy milk and was happy to see that it costs almost a dollar less than regular milk!

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