Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today I...November 14th

Today I...

...had a bit of a rough day, but nothing a shower, chat with my Grandma and a cup of Oolong tea couldn't fix.

...was disappointed when my mom backed out of going shopping with me tomorrow.

...found the younger of my two feline roommates sleeping in my laundry basket on top of the load that I was about to take over to the washing machine, it was very cute. Unfortunately, the lighting in my bedroom didn't allow for good pictures, but I'm sure you can imagine how cute it was :o)

...was almost back pain free by dinner time.


  1. Gill: yes, today was better for me, thanks :o)

    Rennschnecke: meine deutsch ist sehr schlecht, aber viele danke für schreiben sie immer mein blog :o)