Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today I...November 19th

Today I...

...gave a tour to a wonderful group of people suffering from various physical handicaps, but mostly cerebral palsy. They were all such beautiful people who, although they had trouble communicating, had very sharp intellect and asked wonderful questions. Never judge people by their appearances, because even if someone is trapped inside a body that has failed them, chances are they are still fully aware of everything going on around them and understand every word spoken around them and sound they hear and expression they see even more than you do.

...went to the bi-annual staff meeting and fully enjoyed the free lunch they gave us. Boeuf bourgignon...mmm...I wish the big boss bought us lunch more often :o)

...unfortunately received two tour cancellations for next week, stupid H1N1 :o(

...continued my compulsive checking of Facebook and Virtual Vivian's blog to see if the results of the photo contest were up, but they're still not...if they're not up by the time I go to bed, I may die from the suspense in my sleep, so if I never post again, you'll know why.

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