Friday, November 20, 2009

Today I...November 20th

Today I...

...was a very productive worker bee. all the photos for a project I'm working on. the last of my Christmas shopping done thanks to my mom, I had no clue she was such a good little Santa's Helper!

...wished that my colleague who works in another department at the Oratory and said he thought I had the strictest boss in the whole place because she looks so serious could have heard her blasting rock music from her office radio and singing along to it this afternoon. Strict and serious? Yeah,

...nearly got blown away while walking across the street to get the bus after work. Yes, windy it is tonight indeed!

...continued my compulsive Facebook and blog checking for the results of the Via Rail photo contest. Still nothing, AAAAAAARGH!!!! I have not gone completely mad yet and I don't know why.

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