Monday, November 23, 2009

Today I...November 23rd

Today I...

...walked up the stairs at the Oratory to get to work because the shuttle bus broke down yet again. Yes, we're getting a new one soon, it should get there any day. Hopefully we'll have it before the real bad cold gets here, because I don't think the one we have will last the winter.

...answered the phone a lot, took a bunch of bookings, compulsively checked Virtual Vivian's blog now that the weekend is over and counted a lot of leaflets.

...still didn't find out the results of the photography contest despite all my compulsive blog checking. a dose of job-related stress I could have done without seeing as I'm already more stressed than usual since finances are tight this month.

...went to choir practice and had fun, although it was a bit chilly in there, I'll have to wear something warmer next week. sharing another orchid photo with you guys since you seemed to like yesterday's so much :o)

...wondered how people who buy real Christmas trees at this time of year keep them looking good until Christmas? They must have to buy two???

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  1. Merci pour cette dose d'humour, cela fait du bien dans la grisaille londonienne ! Si vous avez envie de sourire un peu vous aussi, n'hesitez pas a lire mes impertinentes chroniques de la vie londonienne sur
    Eva in London