Monday, November 30, 2009

Today I...November 30th

Today I... to work very early (in my case, that's 10 minutes).

...thought I had found our rogue tour group booking, but it turned out to be a different booking for a group coming with the same person from the same school, but a different day. Darn...

...drank in the beauty of the first snow of the year that stuck. a persistent cough, but it doesn't seem to be anything serious, I'm just mildly concerned that it might turn out to be laryngitis, which would not be good because I have four tours to give this week.

...decided to forgo choir practice tonight and impose complete silence on myself in hopes of resting my irritated throat enough to make whatever is bugging my it go away.

...wanted to decorate my Christmas tree, but realized very quickly that I unfortunately didn't have enough of my new lights, I'll have to get another box before I can launch into all-out decorating.


  1. so i'm new to blogging and happened to come across your blog, i wrote about my lovely monday too, ugh, sorry about you not having enough Christmas lights for you tree, i hate it when stuff like that happens but i love decorating though! you should check out my blog since i'm new

  2. hope you're not coming down with something. Did you have your H1N1 shot yet? I sound like your mother don't I nagging you!!


  3. I'm feeling better thanks :o) No H1N1 shot for me though, I don't trust the adjuvent at all.