Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I...November 16th

Today I...

...had a pretty darn busy day at work, since we had a group with us from 11:15 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.. I didn't get to sit much and my back and feet got pretty tired, so I can only imagine how those of the seniors in the group must have felt, even though they did get to sit a few times while I talked.

...indulged in a hot shower upon arriving home before eating my dinner and leaving for choir practice. My back and feet thanked me, but I was a bit late for practice. Oops...I still made it for the second half of the warm up though, so that was okay.

...saw lots of cop cars at work at the end of the day (okay folks, we're talking about a church here, so two cop cars is a lot) and was intrigued as to why, but not enough to switch my walkie-talkie to the security channel in hopes of finding it out. Perhaps it was just the mildly wacky man who showed up with a fluorescent light last week claiming it was his pilgrim's walking stick back for a visit, although this time there were just two cop cars and not three.

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