Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today I...November 8th

Today I...

...was disgusted to find out that the brand of canned cat food that I get for my furry feline friends is being carried by fewer and fewer places just because there's no french on the labels. Stupid language control laws, I hate you!!!

...went to an appointment in the West Island sector of Montreal, my neighborhood for over twenty years. It always feels nice to go back there.

...ended up heading back out to get cat food right after getting back from my appointment at a pet supply store near my place. I had to get them something that the younger of my two cats didn't like the last time I tried to feed it to her. It beats the pants off stuff like Whiskas as far as ingredients go, but she just doesn't like the taste of it. I will have to try and find some way to get my hands on the stuff they're used to.

So, are there any laws in your area that really tick you off? In my case, since I'm from Quebec, it's all the French language preservation laws. I'm a perfect mix of both my English-speaking and french speaking heritage. I am perfectly bilingual and am very proud of that and my family is also perfectly bilingual across the board, but we have a lot of laws that are trying to encourage people to be strictly french-speaking and I CAN'T STAND THAT!!! They even have laws that say that if you're going to have English on your store-front sign it has to be half the size of the french and below it!!! I have a rampant abhorrence for that sort of thing.

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  1. I think the Government is going way overboard with this whole french/english thing. However I only speak English.

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog on Sunday. I have posted a link back to your blog on my Monday post, as a thank you.