Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today I...November 7th

Today I...

...went to a pet show with some friends and saw all kinds of lovely animals: cats and dogs and reptiles of every breed, birds and fish and ponies too.

...went to my brother's condo with one of his friends to help him get set up. I unpacked all his kitchen and bathroom stuff and had a good laugh at the dish towels my grandmother got him. They would have been fine for me, but are definitely not my brother's style. home just in time to have a shower before my grandmother made her nightly phone call to me. Not the dish towel grandmother, the other one that lives in the states.

...did my laundry and am planning on leaving the last load in the laundry, which I will probably regret tomorrow, but it's too late for me to be taking care of laundry right now since I want to go and watch a movie. this post ready, but then my computer crashed so I'm only posting it on Sunday afternoon when I finally got back to it. And yes, I did regret leaving my laundry in the dryer all night, especially since despite an hour and ten minutes in the dryer, not all the clothes dried. Ooops...had to send some of them around for another go and will have to do more ironing than usual.

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