Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today I...November 15th

Today I...

...made darn sure I had a better time than I did yesterday!

...talked with my Sweetheart on Skype for a bit.

...sewed a button back onto my coat with some help from one of my grandmas over the phone and managed to only stab myself in the finger once in the process.

...went out to buy fabric for my project at work and was astonished by A: how warm it was, I was very much overdressed and B: the price of fabric and sewing supplies. How can people find it cheaper to make their own clothes??? lost while trying to walk to one of my favorite music stores, since I seemed to be getting deeper and deeper in the the dodgy end of Ste-Catherine street, so called my dad to ask him for directions. Turns out I hadn't been lost and was going in the right direction, I just normally go to the aforementioned store by subway and therefore bypass the dodgy end of Ste-Catherine and all the sketchy looking tattoo parlors, sex shops and creepy people. Just as a side note, the dodgy section of Ste-Catherine is now much smaller than it used to be, can be bypassed by subway and Montreal is essentially a very safe city, especially Downtown. The only area you really want to steer clear of at night in Montreal North, which is nowhere near Downtown.

...bought the second half of my Sweetheart's Christmas present and my father's Christmas present. Only two more presents to buy and I'm done! Christmas shopping will have cost me under 200$ this year, or 220$ at most, spread out over several months, yeah me!

...took some photos of the Christmas decorations in Place Ville Marie (bottom picture) and Montreal's Central Station (top picture), two of my favorite places for shopping and also because the train station has been central in my boyfriend and I's relationship. When he still lived on the South Shore of Montreal and I still lived in the western tip of the island (because Montreal is an island for anyone who may not have known that), we used to meet there because I would take the town train into the station and he would take the bus in. We also ended up racing back to the station in many movie worthy scenes so he could put me on the last train home and he could catch the bus home. Now, it's where he comes back into Montreal on his weekend visits home and I leave for my weekend visits to him. The station is therefore very dear to our hearts indeed.

...and finally, went to make myself some spaghetti for dinner and realized that I was all but out of spaghetti...I had to head out to the corner store to get some and ended up finishing my dinner at 10:00 P.M....oops!

And would you look at that, this is my 100th post! Thanks so much to all of my faithful readers!!!

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