Friday, November 27, 2009

Today I...November 27th

Today I...

...cherished the memory of hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream and cinnamon shared while chatting with my sweetheart last night.

...spent the better part of the day wrapping Christmas gifts for 40 of the Oratory's volunteers.

...found out that a booking I took a few months ago went AWOL and that because it went AWOL we took another one the same day. They're both huge and we now have an unmanageable amount of school kids coming on the same day. The second booking will therefore have to be shifted to an earlier date if at all possible and unfortunately the teacher in charge of the trip came all the way over from the boonies to organize it with us in person and it's his first time taking elementary aged kids to see us. Did I feel crappy about the situation? Oh, yes indeed I did, even though we have no way of knowing which one of the three of us working in the office misplaced the booking in the shuffle. not as tired as yesterday or as the rest of the week.

...had a massage.

...decided that one of my menu elements for Christmas Eve dinner with my brother and grandparents will be scalloped potatoes.

...wished it was snowing instead of raining, I want things to look Christmassy and am looking forward to not having to haul an umbrella around and get soaked by cold rain.