Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today I...November 4th

Today I...

...spent the morning stuffing envelopes, lots and lots of envelopes and made it through with only one tiny paper cut

...still had the image of that 16 year-old boy with the huge afro that added a good two feet to his height from my tour group yesterday stuck in my head.

...referred my brother to my cable company so that I can get 50$ off my next monthly bill.

...took my camera on break with me to take a picture of the progress on the Oratory's lower church's roof to my boyfriend and seriously started to wonder, upon seeing the little progress that has been made int he pas two weeks if they're going to be able to get all the roof tiles down and pump in the concrete under them before winter.

...moved on up to our upstairs church with my camera still in hand to get some macro shots of the stained glass up there

...and finally, started a new book at lunch time while eating sushi. I saved the best part of my day for last in this post ;o)

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