Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today I...November 10th

Today I...

...went to check on the progress they were making on the roof of the crypt church again. The photo above is from Tuesday last week, all the space without tiles to the right of the photo is now filled up, they're getting close to being half done.

...forgot my cell phone at home for the first time ever, it sucked, I felt like I was missing part of my arm for the first few hours after I got to work because I'm so used to having it with me or sitting on my desk beside me

...took a group of 70 children up to the Nativity Scene museum, being followed by that many children at once attracts a lot of attention, especially when they're so well behaved!


  1. that's funny, you young 'uns and your cell phones! I am always forgetting to switch mine on, and if I do remember I forget to charge the battery!!


  2. 70 well behaved children what a unigue site that must have been