Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting comfy

My lovely lady, Quinn, very much enjoys lying up against the radiator in my apartment. I always know as soon as the landlord turns on the heat every Fall because Quinn can invariably be found soaking up the heat every evening. She even misses it when they turn it off. I wonder what she'll do when I move this coming Summer? What if we end up in a place without radiators? I'm sure she'll find an alternative, but the radiator in this place will undoubtedly remain in her heart forever more :o) Can't you just tell that by the look on her face?

That's Camera Critters for this week, you can go and look for more radiator-loving critters by heading over here, but I'm sure you won't find any who are nearly as pretty as my kitty :o)


  1. Nice to visit with you and Quinn again. Our furbabies love the heat, too ... especially if it comes naturally with the sun! :D

  2. Indeed he is very comfy there. I think because of the heat that comes from the radiator. Thanks for sharing!


  3. She is adorable, a real Lady!
    Cute post dear friend, thanks for sharing!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  4. Sure looks very comfy and beautiful kitty.
    Beautiful Kitty

  5. sweet!

    Please take a peek at the Mocking Bird at my page.

  6. She has such a lovely expression!
    These are really wonderful pet portraits.
    Carletta’s Captures.

  7. She sure is a beauty. She looks so content.
    My daughter's cat in N.Y. loves to roll on her back by the radiator.
    Very,very pretty cat.

  8. AW, Quinn is adorable! One of my cats just sits by the vent, waiting for the heat to come on, very funny :) Cute pictures!

  9. Pretty kitty! My Jon Pickles lays in front of the heat register all the time.

  10. Beautiful kittie and she does look comfy. Love the colors in your photo.